Browsing has become a very integral part of our lives, for which UC browser download apk is one of the best options. On the other hand, TVs have also become very crucial in our lives. Although no browser comes pre-installed on your Android TV for surfing purposes, mentioned below are the top 5 browsers that you can manually install on your Android TV and enjoy browsing, alongside watching Netflix, jamming to music on YouTube and Spotify, playing games by connecting your computer, and displaying your albums on TV via Plex and Kodi apps respectively.

Puffin Browser

This browser has a specifically designed version for Android TV boxes and is easily accessible through the remotes. The content will be displayed on American sites, as its servers are US-based. It features QR codes for adding favorite sites to the app and supports Adobe Flash as well. It is lightweight, speedy, and easy on the eye.

Google Chrome

Even though it is unusual that this browser does not come pre-installed on the Android TV and is not available in its inbuilt play store but that does not stop one from accessing this browser. It’s easily installable through the web browser and if you are a former Google Chrome user, you will have easy access to all your saved bookmarks and synced content. The con side of this browser is that it does not work with the regular Android TV remote, which increases the additional cost to purchase a gaming controller.

Mozilla Firefox

Similar to Chrome, this browser is not available on the Android TV play store, although easily accessible through other means. It’s the best and most loved feature by its users is the several extensions it offers and smoother streaming of YouTube, than on the app itself.

TV Web browser

Likewise Puffin, this browser is dedicated to Android TV users and probably pre-installed in it. Its features include voice search, customizable search engines, on-screen mouse pointer, easy navigation of browsing history, and bookmarks; all accessible through the Android TV remote.

Web Browser for Android TV

Although it’s not as efficient as compared to puffin and TV Web browser, it’s inbuilt HTML5 full-screen video display makes it stand out from the two.

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