Many newborns spit up. Our oldest son did more than just spit. He projectile vomited everywhere you can imagine. It seemed like every time he had a bottle, he would literally regurgitate the entire thing within minutes of polishing it off. My husband and I, being first time parents, of course freaked out. We immediately scheduled a doctor’s appointment to get to the bottom of this mysterious “stomach flu” our son seemed to have after every feeding.

Our doctor listened to my husband and I describe everything our son did after each feeding. In addition to the projectile vomiting, he would also arch his back during feedings, rear up his legs, and become very angry when laid flat on his back. He also had constant crying, which we had related to colic. We had no idea what was wrong with our son. Our doctor, thank goodness, saw the symptoms and realized that our infant son had something called “reflux”.

Reflux is caused by the valve or muscle on the upper end of the stomach being immature. This results in food that goes into the baby coming back up shortly after feeding. It is a not so uncommon disorder, affecting many infants at least twice a day in the form of spitting up. Our son’s was a bit more extreme as he vomited after every feeding, but because our son was gaining weight, our doctor assured us his reflux was not that uncommon and not to worry. She also shared many ideas with us that could help alleviate some of the reflux issues.

We were told to elevate our son’s crib on one end, so that his upper body was not laying flat. Many infants with reflux find it uncomfortable to lay flat, especially after a feeding. Our doctor also recommended that we feed him in more of an upright position rather than having him lay horizontally when eating. Simple ways of changing the position of the baby when feeding him or her can help lessen reflux symptoms.

It was also recommended that we feed our son in smaller, more frequent amounts. Evidently filling up a reflux baby’s tummy with larger amounts of formula or breast milk, can lead to more spitting up or vomiting. It is generally recommended to feed in smaller amounts and more often during the day.

Our doctor also suggested that we burp our son more frequently during each feeding. She recommended stopping after each ounce of formula to try and burp our son. More burps, means less air in baby’s tummy, which means a more comfortable baby.

We also decided to try a new formula. Many reflux babies are formula fed. Our son had didn’t develop the vomiting until after I had stopped nursing him. Formula fed babies have a higher occurrence of reflux than breast fed babies. Sometimes changing formulas can help improve reflux.

The last suggestion for our son was to medicate him with Zantac. Our doctor only recommends medicating infants with reflux when the infant is crying constantly, isn’t gaining weight, or is in pain due to the reflux. Our son was gaining weight, but he was also crying constantly and seemed very uncomfortable. We decided to give the Zantac a try. The price should be considered to buy megamucosa from online stores. The ratings of the store should be checked for the purchasing of the supplement. The digestive system of the person will be provided with good bacteria.

Our son responded well to most of these changes. Like most reflux, his disappeared shortly before he turned one. It was no surprise when our second son was born and immediately became a “happy spitter”. The second time around, there was no rushing to the doctor or freaking out because of it. However, our second son never vomited, he just spit up all day long, over everything he wore and anyone who was holding him. He was never in pain and didn’t seem bothered by the spitting up. He also had much calmer parents who had “been there, done that” with his older brother.

As parents, we knew what to do because we had educated ourselves on reflux with our first child. If your child has any of the symptoms mentioned in this article, it is best to see your doctor. Most reflux can be treated easily with some minor lifestyle changes. Some reflux is more severe. Please discuss any concerns with your doctor, and be prepared to be cleaning spit-up or vomit off of your clothes, your furniture, the floor and your child, until he or she outgrows this messy condition!

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