This is going to be an interesting article as this pertains to a topic that piques the interest of the younger generation as this is something right up their alley for which they miss no opportunity to get into the debate.

Nothing excites a child more than a form of entertainment and if it comes from video games, it is truly a trip down memory lane that takes them back to their childhood when they would play games like Super Mario, Contra, Dave the Hunter, Swat Kats, etc. to name a few.

But this isn’t about them but a relatively newer version of Contra and it’s called Idle Heroes which wouldn’t ring a bell for many people as it is something completely different from what they perceive as an action adventure.


Idle Heroes is a full blown action packed game where you have everything right from righteous protagonists to evil antagonists of the most vicious kind that won’t stop at anything to see their nefarious designs come to fruition and we all know that isn’t a thing to be happy about.

It is important for you to be sharp and quick thinking when playing such a game as it is considered a leading candidate among the best tactical games in the world with a relatively big fan following.

Idle Heroes god tier heroes are the norm for the day where you need to get all the heroes of 5 star materials as quickly as you can in order to establish an early lead among the royal players of the opposing team.

Start dissembling the weaker section of heroes one by one so as to throw the enemy off track and relegate them to the back end and allow the best ones to take the forefront which is a good tactical turn that can be used with a proper pace without losing focus.

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