Setting up a hotspot isn’t as hard as you think. I actually set up my hotspot router to send wireless customers to the internet through my dialup connection! its truly unbelievable, and I was able to do it in about 10 minutes.

The first thing you’ll do is set up Internet Connection Sharing in the control panel located at the start/control panel, then select Network Setup Wizard. Once started, select the dialup connection as the internet source and the LAN as your network source. purchase from eBay, and connect a Linksys wrt54g-tm router to your computer as normal. Once connected, open internet explorer and type in and hit enter. setup up the router’s username and password. once set, go to set up on the top left to set up the IP info. subnet should be “”. The default gateway is going to be the IP address of your LAN card. You will have to change it manually.

You can find it easily by clicking on the LAN connection of your windows XP kicker bar next to where the clock is. DNS server is the same IP address as the gateway, your computer’s address. Once entered, click on apply changes at the bottom of the page. voila, you can now send wireless clients to the internet through your computer’s dialup connection. get a webserver! you can run a store with it! download and install apache webserver from To make it more sophisticated, you can limit their browsing ability by using HTTP redirect in the router. Furthermore, you can also use or set up super boost wifi to allow you to have a stronger and more reliable connection to the hotspot. Certainly, this device will provide you convenience and quality performance.

For this, you can go to Wireless in the router, then Hotspot, then HTTP Redirect. Enable it to activate. enter the LAN IP address of your computer that’s connected to the router, both IP addresses are the same as your LAN card and set the port to 80. Click apply and now all the users are redirected continuously to your computer if they try to browse. This is called a Walled Garden in that they can’t browse and are only limited to what you program your computer to dish out. The index.html page on your server, which can be on the same internet hosting computer can redirect users anywhere on the internet, but the users can not freely browse by typing names in. This is great in that you can set up user accounts and have them purchase credits before being able to browse the internet through your dialup connection.

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