Signatures are a hard tutorial to do because EVERYONE wants something different, but here is one simple way that you might be interested in it.

First, you need to find a photo or image(s) that you want to use . . .

Open Adobe Photoshop for Mac with your image you want to use (above)

Now use the selection tool

And make sure the style is “Fixed Ratio” and type in the size you want to sign to be in this case is 450 x 100.

Now your image will hopefully be a big image hence why we use “Fixed Ratio” not fixed size as we will make it smaller right at the end.

Next Step

Ok so now we have our fixed ratio we can now select the main part of the image you want to use, in this case for me its the selection you can see below:-

Now I copy this selection “Ctrl + C” and open a new document (photoshop will normally know the size of what you have on the clipboard) and paste this “Crtl + V” into the new document, like below:-

Now this can be used as a simple signature and we could leave it there, just check the image size “Alt + Ctrl + I” make sure put the width as 450 pixels and the height as 100 pixels, the ratio bit we used earlier will keep this from stretching out of shape.

If all is the correct size, save it as a .jpeg, and you are done.

But I’m going to add a few other bits to it . . .

Next Step

Duplicate Layer

And we will work on the top layer

Layer 1 copy or something like that

I’ve chosen to use the filter “Cutout” and play around with the sliders to get what effect you’re after.

Then find a nice font you like and add your Forum name:-

Again we can take this further. . .

Create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N)

And pick two colors, in the color selection part on the left-hand side, (it’s a black square with a white square below it by default).

I went for blue and yellow, now select the gradient tool, sometimes you have to right-click on the Paint Bucket tool to see it. And make sure it has the same pattern as on the left there (so a gradient from left to right)

Then change this layer properties to “Soft Light” and I have kept to Opacity at 100% but you can change this about if you want to, It better for you to experiment and see what looks better.


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