I am a huge fan of Harajuku Lovers handbags designed by music and fashion celebrity Gwen Stefani and I keep myself pretty up to date with the latest prints and styles that are out. However, like most buyers, I am always a bit wary of the hefty price tag. Since the stock of the prints and styles turn over rapidly, I am always scrambling to find the best deal and securing my share of the latest bag without emptying my bank account. Over the past years of collecting them, I have narrowed down, in my opinion and experience, the best ways and places to score great deals while still getting the latest styles and designs. To get affordable harajuku hand bags you can click At this website. You get a wide range of products to choose from. All these products are of high quality as well.


To be honest, in the past I rarely shopped at Macy’s because I found there inventory to be average and overpriced. However, I discovered one day that they had additional savings and coupons that you could use even on name brand accessories such as Harajuku Lovers. My first purchase was a newly released bag that was retailing for $68 yet I managed to get for $50 with the use of Macy’s promotional savings pass.

Then I discovered that you could even use the promotional savings on their clearance items as well, although most of their clearance items are usually the not-so-great looking prints. However, if I had s specific print in mind that had recently been replaced with the new ones I would call up my nearby Macy’s and ask them if they had that print available. I found out that most of the time they keep newly reduced prints in their backroom first and they do not immediately put them on the clearance display tables.

Sometimes, they are so newly reduced that the tag doesn’t have the new sticker price and no one would know until the clerk scanned it in the computer (which I usually ask them over the phone to check). My latest bargain was a print that just came out a couple of month ago but had been recently replaced by a new summer print and had been reduced from $78 to $35. Yet with my promotional savings pass, I got the bag for only $28! That’s almost 65% off! What is also great is the you can acquire the Macy’s savings pass from almost anywhere (newspapers, by mail, or even online coupon forums) and they have sales and the promotional offers quite often. Also, new prints and style of bags come in every 2-3 months and the previous designs usually get discounted and placed in the clearance section every 4 months.

Nordstrom Rack

This place is also great for getting some deals on Harajuku Lovers bags that have recently been on the market. Usually their prices are 30-50 % off regular retail and the prints are only about few months old. Not only do they have handbags, but they also carry wallets. The only downside of this place is that they do not have such a wide selection of discounted prints to choose from and the prints are usually the ones that didn’t sell well in department stores, hence, the not so popular ones. Also, their inventory doesn’t turn over as quickly so if you’re waiting for a specific print, you might have to constantly check to see if they ever have a shipment in. Yet, if you’re not too particular and just like collecting Harajuku Lovers bags in general, then this is a decent place to go just to stock up on your collection for less money.

Online Stores

You can find Harajuku Lovers bags for discounted prices on several websites such as Amazon, Ebay, and other trendy websites. Amazon is great site to go to if you want a newly released print that your local department store has already sold out of. Sometimes even free shipping is offered which is also a great plus. For previous styles that you might have missed out on, the best place is Ebay. I have purchased several bags on there for 75% off of their regular retail price and all “New with Tags” condition! I usually just browse on their for a particular style (it’s easier if you know the style and print name) or even just randomly to see if there is a print that I like that I might have never got a chance to see in stores.

Make sure you set a budget and know the regular retail prices for the bag your looking for so you don’t ripped off by paying more than what it’s worth. Older bags should cost much less, with the exception of some highly popular past deigns. Also, make sure that the seller is trustworthy and not a scam so that you get authentic item that you paid for. Although, I have never had a problem with an item or a seller when purchasing Harajuku Lovers brand bags on Ebay.

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