Decorating the front of your fireplace can be confusing, leaving you questions of what things to place? What products that fit your fireplace design? What materials you should use?

Is it ideal to put hanging items or not? and etc. Well, it’s not that hard to choose your front fireplace design. You just need to know what you really want and consider the design of your home.

Here’s the list of tips in how to decorate your front fireplace:

  • Home Style

It’s important to consider the style of your home before you decorate your front fireplace in order to blend with the interior design. You should blend your fireplace front design from the color, style and even with the current season.

  • Seasonal or Festive Ideas

There are various front fireplace elements that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for Christmas season, fall, summer, autumn and etc. There are thousands of products sold online that can fulfill your desired decorations for your front fireplace.

  • Hanging Design 

You might be wondering of adding hanging design in your front fireplace design but it’s not always ideal to just hang anything. Make sure it’s not too long so it won’t look untidy.

  • Frames or Non-Frame 

It’s ideal to add frames in your front fireplace to make it look elegant. Imagine sitting in front of the fireplace looking at those picture frames that makes you feel comfy with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. While enjoying the warmth of your cozy home.

  • Bright Colored Accessories 

Some people like to see bright colors inside their home, just make sure you have a neutral home style before adding bright colored accessories, so it can stand out and make a playful impression.

  • Black & White Design 

If you are looking for a relaxed design using black & white colors is ideal for you. Add a large black & white frame and you are good to go.

  • Fall Season 

During fall you can add a color of orange, brown and white scheme to make it look complementary. Add fresh orange/fall flowers and it can definitely make a wonderful ambiance.

  • Antique Design 

If you’re into antique style, consider getting a wood designed fireplace. It brings historic character that will surely make you feel delighted.

  • Marble Design

If you own a marble designed fireplace, it’s ideal to add green elements since stone and green can give you a natural looking décor.

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