Companies have flocked to social media in droves but not solely for self-promotion. The most successful companies utilizing social media provide key incentives to consumers by offering a mix of corporate promotion and exclusive consumer deals to their followers. 

Bargain hunters frequent sites like SlickDeals in search of the best deals, waiting anxiously for an exclusive coupon, price drop, or maybe even a price typo (it happens, just not often). However, it is important to realize that these deals originate from someone, somewhere. Below we have listed some of the best opportunities to save money using Social Media. 

Tip #1: Visit Twitter for Money Saving Trends 

Twitter can help you save money based on the latest trends. One example is @TrueCar that specializes in showing you what others paid for the same car in your area. By knowing when prices are dropping, what others are paying, latest incentives or best days of the month to buy, you’ll be able to know what you should be paying even before you go to the dealer. And, if you tweet-on-the go, their mobile app lets you check the latest pricing trends so you can tweet about the sweet deal you got right from the dealers lot. 

Tip #2: Mobile Apps 

An iPhone application like Yowza!! provides savvy shoppers with store coupons as they shop. These mobile coupons are scanned on your iPhone and accepted at all major retailers. This eliminates the need to carry a mess of coupons around in your wallet. We all love deals, but flipping through 50 clipped coupons is an annoyance for you and the shoppers waiting behind you. Download a mobile app and go paperless. 

It is an innovative method that is practiced regularly by everyone these days and, what’s more, many experts have created their own applications in this regard so as to further their outreach. Today, you can buy real instagram likes to boost engagement and status rather than getting them genuinely through organic methods. 

Tip #3: Twitter is a Coupon Acropolis 

Find your favorite companies on Twitter. The micro-blogging site received a lot of press for Black Friday deals, but Twitter cranks out the deals year-round. Retail accounts like @ExpressLisaG, @HomeDepotDeals, and @AmazonDeals announce their deals before or as they become live on a website. If you enable tweets to be sent via mobile, you have your own real-time aggregated deal-resource for your favorite retailers. 

Tip #4: StumbleUpon 

While not the first choice for finding good deals, checking that “shopping” tab while stumbling can expose you to a wide selection of coupon sharing websites. 


If you’re looking for a good bargain, the local paper or the usual suspect of sites won’t always get you the best deal. Make an effort to scope out the stellar deals using your own research with social media. The ability to think outside the coupon section in your Sunday paper will score you the best deal tips that range from generic everyday purchases to bigger ticket items like a new car. 

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