Some people believe that the fashion industry has nothing to do with them or their lives and they try to stay away from the influence of this industry instead of making Jilbab clothes for females who don’t want any formal dresses to wear in their daily routine. However, this is nearly impossible to do. The fashion industry is so huge and is so highly incorporated into nearly every form of media that it is so hard to get away from. Sometimes people aren’t even aware that the media is influencing them to follow certain fashion trends. Even if you don’t follow the most popular fashion trends, you are still a part of the fashion world in some way. 

Let’s take, for example, that hat you are wearing right now (if you are wearing one). A fashion designer designed and made that hat hoping people would want to buy it. Advertisements were put up everywhere to draw you in and attract you to that hat. Whether you saw it in a magazine or sitting on a mannequin’s head in the store, you bought that hat thinking it would look good on you or because you liked it. You are making a fashion statement. Whether it is what everyone else is wearing or your own unique style, it still came from the world of fashion. 

There are people who literally go out of their way to not follow fashion trends. They either want to remain neutral or they want to develop their own styles. Some people purposely do not buy brand name clothing and accessories because they know they can buy something similar at a cheaper price if they go to, say, Wal-Mart to purchase the item. These things may be ways to not follow popular trends, but they are not ways to escape the fashion industry. 

Everything in your closet and drawers was thought up very careful by an experienced fashion designer who displayed their clothing in some way through fashion runways, magazines, the internet, advertisements, and other forms of media. Even Wal-Mart advertises their clothing even though their clothing is a fraction of the cost of apparel seen on famous runways. They still have models who present their clothing in an appealing way, mannequins that give you ideas on how to combine the clothing to make an outfit, and magazines and online stores that draw you to their clothing. 

Literally everything you wear came from the fashion industry. It is a unique and creative industry that recognizes the need for people to look fashionable, knows which seasons to release certain types of clothing, and anticipates what people would wear in the future. It is such a powerful industry that most are completely obvious to how much they rely on it to make their decisions for them. Fashion designers are almost entirely responsible for fashion trends because if they hadn’t thought of the idea, no one would be wearing the styles they are today. 

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