What is it that makes your favorite song get cemented in your brain for hours on end? What makes that song stand out amongst all the noises in your head? Why does only the same part of the song keep repeating over and over again in your mind? The answer to that question my friends is the hook.

The hook is what is known as the chorus of a song. The chorus is the refrain, the part of the song that repeats after each and every verse is dropped. It’s called the hook because the chorus is usually what draws the listener into the heart of the song. A good, catchy chorus will weave its way in your ears and create a tapestry of sound that is very pleasing to the mind. In today’s music market a good solid hook is an essential part of a hit song, and it’s also essential to pulling the listener into the message of the song.

The hook in terms of hip-hop production and songwriting is absolutely an essential element to the foundation of building a powerful musical masterpiece. If you can’t get your audience “hooked” into your song, why should they listen to the rest of it? If they aren’t enjoying the music and it doesn’t sound pleasing to the ear, why should listeners pay attention to your message? God created music as a way to worship Him, and so He built the human mind, heart, and ears to recognize different kinds of sounds as either enjoyable or as something that sounds like an awful wall of mess. This is especially important if you’re a Christian hip-hop artist, as well as a producer. If you want the content of your lyrics to hit and minister to your listeners, you better make a song they enjoy and can’t get out of their minds. Your song should be one they never skip on the album, it should be the type of song that gets stuck in their heads.

Now that we’ve established the definition and importance of the hook, let’s talk about it structurally. All hip-hop is in what’s called 4/4 time. This simply means that there are four beats per measure (1 bar=4 beat per measure). Counting bars are simple, but a lot of artists who are fresh in hip-hop may not know how to count bars, so I’m going to explain it a little. One bar can be counted like this: 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. That is one bar. Go ahead and try it. Turn on your favorite song, or if you have a beat lying around, bump it, and count the bars in time with the music.

The structure of the hook itself is in eight-bar measures. Since hip-hop is in 4/4 time, all the bars are multiples of four. So the usual standard in almost all styles of hip-hop is an eight-bar chorus. The breakdown of the hook is pretty simple. This is more or less up to the artist, but the way I do it when I write and produce is that I create a four-bar pattern and repeat it, thus making my full eight bars.

Fitting the hook into the structure of the song as a whole is pretty simple. Typically hip-hop songs have a four-bar intro followed by either four bars of the hook or the whole hook. Rarely do songs in hip hop jump straight from the intro to the verse, especially not commercial hip-hop that you hear on the radio. After the intro and opening hook, the chorus usually comes after every verse. Sometimes producers might work the hook into other parts of the song like a bridge or an outro as well. It’s important to have instrument parts that have a good melody and repeat because that’s what makes the song catchy.

There you have it. A basic introduction to the hook, and why it’s such a crucial element to building a work of musical art. Download Lagu mp3 2020 and listen to all the latest hits of all time. It’s important as artists that we all make time to just sit and listen to the music we like, and to think about why we like it. Doing that helps us to explore our own creativity and to help us create music that others will like.

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