Most general employment agencies are inefficient at connecting you with a job, especially at the higher levels of employment. But, depending on the industry, companies in search of specific personnel do make use of industry-specific placement firms. That’s even if you want a chance in the รับทำ mou พม่า กัมพูชา ลาว job listings today. (Larger employment agencies or executive recruiters often have divisions or departments devoted to specific industries.) It therefore behooves you to identify the relevant agencies. How do you find them? Start with The Yellow Pages and look under Employment Agencies. Usually, the firm’s ad describes its specialties, if any. Many trade associations and even commercial business publishers put out industry directories that list names and numbers of various services useful to the industry. Consult these guides, if they are available. Trade publications specific to your industry also usually contain ads for specialized placement agencies. 

You should understand that three kinds of agencies are available to you. 

* First, there are permanent employment agencies, where the prospective employer pays the fee (and you pay nothing). Want ads placed by such firms often specify fee paid, which means that the fee the agency charges are paid by the employer, not you. 

* Second, there are search firms that an employer retains to fill a particular position. These are the agencies most people refer to as headhunters; as with the permanent employment agencies, you pay no fee for these agencies’ services. Finally, there are permanent employment agencies whose services you pay for. 

* In the first two cases, the employer is the client. In the third case, the agency is working for you. You should also check out an agency’s credentials and credibility, which is especially important if you are paying the bill. For most people who are changing companies within an industry, the employer-paid agencies or headhunters are the most effective and least expensive alternative. Don’t even bother to pick and choose among them. Simply visit all of them.


Don’t waste your time mailing in a résumé to an agency. According to , don’t be afraid to make a phone call and set up a face-to-face interview. Depending on the salary level of the job you are seeking, you will probably visit either an agency or an executive recruiter. Agencies generally handle lower-and middle-level positions, while executive search firms are retained to fill upper-level posts. If you feel you are ready to move into upper management, pay a call on an executive recruiter. Just be aware that these firms are hired by employers to fill specific positions. Unless your résumé suggests a perfect fit, the recruiter is likely to keep your résumé on file, but isn’t likely to get you a job any time soon. The fact is that executive recruiters are hired to be proactive. They make calls and go out in search of likely candidates. The best of them are genuine consultants, who work with the client firm to establish its hiring needs and then do (sometimes extensive) research to locate and recruit the best candidate. Certainly no executive recruiter relies on walk-ins. 

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