GTA 5 has already amazed with its thrilling storyline, exciting heists and solid gta 5 mod menu ps3 as well as for other consoles. But, that’s not all- the game has more to offer, such as amazing updates and rewards. Put simply, GTA 5 pampers and inspires players with its series of upgrades and massive rewards to kill for. Are you a new GTA 5 player? Well, then, you must be curious to know more about these updates and rewards from the game. Here is a brief of latest GTA 5 updates as well as rewards. 

6-figure rewards for Diamond status update

GTA5 has recently launched their Diamond Casino & Resort. And, in a bid to promote the latest launch, the game (virtual mode) is shelling out whooping 6-figure rewards. This means, players will now be able to avail a mindboggling 400,000 GTA$ just by logging in as well as by reaching the Diamond Status. Rewards are available for Silver Status GTA5 players as well who have penthouse. 

More reward for Diamond Status

Do you know you can get up to an even higher 50,000 GTA$ reward with Diamond Status? Yes, you heard it absolutely right. To reach to that super reward, you have to reach Diamond level by completing Platinum level as well as missions of Casino Story. Added to that awe-inspiring amount, you will also get the special Red Diamond Tee. 

Free money reward for Silver Status

If you can get to Silver Status, you will be rewarded with free money worth 250,000 GTA$. 

Money reward for Gold Status

The Gold Status reward is no less lucrative. You will get 50,000 GTA$ once you reach Gold level by completing second mission of Casino Story for Cheng. Along with the monetary reward, players will also be awarded with the exotic Royals Tattoo.

Reward for Platinum Status

Do you know the reward amount of hitting Platinum level? Well, it’s a mindblowing 50,000 GTA$!. Not only that, you will even get the original poster of Benny’s Motor Works for penthouse. 

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