A lot of people buy Lego tables when they found it interesting or for their kids. But when kids get old and they are not into Lego blocks anymore, these tables just sit in the corner and get wasted. Many kids craft lego table, so it is easy to find someone who would be willing to buy one.

If your set is not complete and you think that no one would be willing to buy it, you are wrong. There are plenty of people who would buy your Lego table and be willing to pay a fair amount for it too. You just need to keep some things in mind while selling it.

  • Your table must be clean. You can’t sell something that is in a bad state and dirty. When you sell a table, the client wants to see its picture before-hand, so you need to make sure it is in good condition. 
  • Be real about the condition of your table when you are filling up the description of your table. It is better to be straightforward instead of lying about anything.
  • You can quickly look up for people whose kids craft lego table for fun, and some adults also like to collect it.
  • If you are selling it on an online website, be sure you are using a legit website so that you get the best price. If you are not using a legit website, they can also delay your payment or not give it to you at all.

The bottom line,

Selling a Lego table is no rocket science; you need the right buyer, and you are done. If you don’t find the right one, you can still use your DIY skills and make it a sliding top table or remove the upper part and replace it. It all depends on you and your needs.


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