Content – This is the key to earning an income online. Whether you decide to market products or services with your offer, quality content relevant to your product or service is going to be the ‘make you’ or ‘break you’ factor. In the upcoming mailings, I’ll be sharing specific details on how you get quality content for your offer.

Traffic – Just like offline traditional businesses, an online business can not survive without a steady flow of visitors (traffic) to present your offer to. Getting traffic to your offer is probably the most challenging task you will encounter in online marketing but I will be sharing specific tactics and practices you can use that will save you tremendous amounts of time and money which you would have otherwise wasted during your ‘learning curve’. Services at can help you acquire more traffic as well.

Pre-sell – the old days of presenting an offer with a good price and then buying traffic (PPC) directed at your sales page and earning a decent living online are over. Today’s e-commerce environment has become ‘socially’ influenced. Consumers on today’s Internet usually belong to specific ‘groups’ and online ‘forums’ targeted to a specific subject or product. They generally won’t make a purchase online without first being ‘exposed’ to the offer a few times in the comfort of one of these ‘social’ environments. I’ll share specific details on how to create that ‘social’ feel within your offer pages so that your ‘content’ can ‘Pre-sell’ your visitors for you.

Monetization – Once you’ve got Content, Traffic, and Pre-sell going for your offer, you will be able to monetize your efforts by simply presenting your offer as a ‘suggestion’ or ‘recommendation’. This way your visitors (traffic) will buy from you because ‘they decided’ that ‘they needed’ or ‘they wanted’ what you were offering. Not because ‘you sold them’ something. In addition to the income you will be making from your specific offer, I’ll be sharing details on how to incorporate multiple products and services into your offer pages so you can create additional income streams.

I won’t give you too much all at once because this whole business of online marketing can become overwhelming. I’ll keep things practical and go through each process in detail later. For now, just get your online payment processing set-up and research some of the affiliate networks, if you plan on using the products of other publishers to create your income, and start preparing to set some time aside to get your business off to a good start. We’ve got a lot of work ahead so get motivated and remain focused. Online marketing success is attainable if you put in the work.

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