The INSPIRATION for this training comes from the observation of the hunting behaviours of our ancestors, who were hunters, and hunting was their major occupation during the wek, and their regular way of living, most of the time.

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The Neanderthal and the Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis seem to have appeared on the earth about a couple of hundred thousand years ago, and, after them came the Homo Sapiens who was the last to appear on the hearth, he came about 100,000 years ago.

Our ancestors lived in harmony with the surrounding nature and in good healthy until the advent of the agriculture which took place only 5,000 years ago with the deadly introduction of grains which are now the major cause of the typical diseases of our “civilization”, that is obesity, bad teeth, poor eyesight, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease,, stroke, autoimmune disorders, cancer etcetera.

So their bodies had the chance to become very specialised bodies perfectly adapted to that way of living for about 100,000 years at least. And that’s where our present day body comes from. The body we have is being inherited directly from them.But we are compromising its wonderful features by using it daily in the worst, most unnatural of the ways.

The Physicality of Prehistoric men

The prehistoric men had a very strong muscular constitution thanks to the way they went about to get their fuel: short hunting bouts requiring always great efforts, then rests for as long they had meat to eat, and even a few days more, before starting again, and so on and on for thousands of years.

They were not hunting according to a rigidly programmed schedule of 4-5 days a week for three or four hours per hunt. They hunted and lived just like prey animals do. and some amazon tribes still do nowaday: spontaneously and according to their immediate needs.

Well our bodies have not changed since, and to stay strong we need to train at short, intense, infrequently scheduled workout days, and with plenty of rest in between. And, likewise, to stay healthy we need to eat meat, raw vegetables and fruits and avoid grains.

In other words, just like the Paleo Diet is inspired by the scientific observation of how our ancestors ate, this training should be called the Paleo Training because it is inspired by the scientific observation of how our ancestors were keeping their bodies strong thanks to the way they behaved to procure their foods for themselves.

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