For half or less of what it would cost to take an entire office out to eat for a holiday dinner or to rent out a banquet hall you can easily and just as festively hold your office party right in your office! That’s even if you’ve just relocated to a new office you’ve found at CBD office space on OfficeFinder.

The most popular thing that many offices and clubs and groups of people do is Secret Santa! Everyone puts their name in a hat and you pick out someones name, you need to buy them a present, you can set the amount or make a theme or come up with creative ideas. Everyone will feel a little nostalgia back to childhood while searching under the tree or walking to their desk to find a present just for them.

A great idea to set the mood, other than the obvious decorations like trees, garland, wreaths, etc., is to order color gels to put over your light fixtures. Color gels are used in theaters, it is a gel type sheet that covers your light bulb, you can pick red and green or any color you want. At this website you can find gel packs that come with 4 different colors to a pack for $5.25 each, the gel is very easy to cut to shape your particular lighting and it is re-usable, at my previous job we would just tape it onto the light fixture and when the party was over take it down until next year, and since it is specifically made for lights it is very safe.

Some other fun decorating ideas is balloons! Go to a party store and buy a helium machine for $40, it is usually only good one time only but it is a lot cheaper than ordering dozens of balloons from a florist or party store. Pick your color, inflate, tie on some ribbon and let it float to the ceiling, you can make the ribbon long enough to hang down so guests going through a particular area walk through it, or let them just float at the top of the ceiling and mix in with your colored lights!

For entertainment, rent uot a piano, find an employee who can play or has a familiy member they can bring along or even rent a piano player, yu can find a piano teacher or student who would definitely do it cheap! For food, appetizers are usually better than the actual meal so build you whole meal around appetizers, with many different choices people will fill up quickly and also mix ins ome good desserts or do something fun like an ice cream bar where guests can make their own sundaes!

With the right decorating ideas and planning you can have as much fun, if not more, right in your own office!

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