In every neighborhood there are at least a couple of kids that get the idea to set up a lemonade stand to earn some extra cash. The first obstacle they run up against is where to get the startup capital to purchase the lemons, sugar, ice and plastic cups. It’s a fact that dad and mom will help set up the table and shade umbrella, but this does not count out the hard costs of buying the supplies. The paid up capital for the business can be raised straight from the source. The invested capital can be put to many business uses. The financial position of the business will be improved through the raising of fund from source.

The Issue of Procuring Seed Money

Chances are high that if it’s your kids exercising free enterprise you’ll be inclined to get them off to a good start. You don’t mind footing the bill for the initial raw ingredients. You’ll make an agreement to donate the upfront costs, provided you get the very first tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade at no charge. It’s not a huge financial stretch for you and it’s worth it to see your children experience success.

Faith funding works along the same principle. You have a project you believe in. It’s a dream of yours that deserves to be given a chance. You may or may not have all the capital you need to get it off the ground. A traditional loan might be entirely out of the question. It may seem unbelievable to you at first, but there are people in the world that see you as part of their extended family and don’t mind at all donating a little cash to help you get started. They have faith in you, even when the loan officer at your banking institution does not.

How Does Faith Funding Work?

To put it simply, you let the world know about your project by posting it on a specialized website such as Faith Launcher. People with philanthropic intentions looking for ways to give, see your project and make a donation. You do have to do some work and raise awareness about your project or cause by sending the link around via email, Facebook and other innovative ways to your friends, family, associates and church members letting them know what you are doing. The whole premise with crowdfunding is everyone you know may chip in a little in order to help you achieve your goal. You give them a small gift as a way of saying thank you. Since there are several people donating to your project, none of them feel they are being asked for a large amount of money. Your donors give because they feel good about you and what you intend to accomplish. You feel great because you have the start up funding you need.

Plan to Succeed

Now that you have the startup capital to launch your small business or project, keep it organized. Have your plan ready to execute. Your donors gave to you because they could. Your dream is your gift to the world, so give it because you can.

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