The popularity of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is increasing with each passing day. It seems that everyone is involved with social media at some level as it represents a way for people to share their thoughts, feelings, and passions with others from all over the world.

Because social media has surged so much popularity it is now more important than ever for you to consider using one or all of ‘the big three’ in order to promote your business. It is not only people who are taking note of the ever increasing participation in social media, but the search engines are taking note as well. In fact, this year Google has started a real time ranking method known as Google Caffeine where websites that are mentioned the most will get preference in the search engine results pages (SERPs). What better way to accomplish this than by taking advantage of social media?

Because the popularity of social media seems to be at an all time high there are more and more social media websites that keep cropping up. However, if you are considering getting involved with social media than “the big three’ are the places you will definitely want to be involved with.


Facebook allows for people to reconnect with their former classmates, but it also allows for people to share interests, hobbies, and the like. In addition to a personal account Facebook will also allow you to open up a Facebook account for your business. By being an interactive part of the Facebook community you have the opportunity to promote your business and your services plus you get a chance to showcase your website too. Also, you may want to increase or grow your followers for instagram. This will allow you to easily connect with other people who may be your friends, former classmates or collegagues.


Famous sports athletes, celebrities, and your average Joe and Jane all seem to be involved in Twitter. With Twitter you can ‘Tweet’ you thoughts, feelings, or whatever. This means that you can open up a business account and Tweet about articles you have written and maybe even some specials you are running. As long as you are Tweeting responsibly and are in fact contributing to the Twitter community you will more than likely begin to build up a following. That following will represent people from all walks of life who are waiting for your next Tweet. Talk about opportunity.


The perfect place for you to connect with other professionals within your field or even in other areas of business. LinkedIn is comprised of over 65 million professionals and is fast becoming the place to be in order to find the authority in any business. LinkedIn features an invaluable networking tool that can be used in order to participate within the community and by interacting with others in your industry you can share ideas and strategies that will help your business grow.

Our world is a digital one now and if you want to be successful in business at any level you have to embrace this fact. You may feel that your business is doing fine and that you do not need to be involved with social media and to that I would ask, “Can you use more money?” If so then give Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in a look see and maybe even a chance. Social media is here to stay so you may as well take advantage of it.

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