In modern times, outdoor carpets are not just a green grass turf, but involve a much higher level of sophistication. With a wide array of textures, colors, designs, materials, styling, contours etc, they give a buyer lot of choice in selecting an outdoor carpet for their requirements. Plus, outdoor carpets have become very popular among people, as it provides a comfortable feel to outdoor areas, a regal and stratified look and a feeling of richness in the place.

Outdoor carpeting is very unlike the standard carpeting job, which requires a lot of professional work to be done. Outdoor carpeting can be easily accomplished with minimum outside help, and gets even easier with the use of carpet rollers—although the best carpet cleaner can help you up. It just needs an adhesive, preferably double-sided, to be stuck onto the specific spot, and voila, it’s done. The outdoor areas have assumed utmost importance in homes today, as all the events, gatherings and in some cases even day to day meals are held in the outdoor area, with people wanting to come closer to the open air. Hence, styling these places with outdoor carpets has become a must for these households.

The most common areas that are carpeted with specific outdoor carpets are the poolside, hearths or grills, hot tub areas, gardens, lawns etc. some of the most popular outdoor carpets makers in the US are Shaw outdoor carpets: arguably the most popular; Owen Carpets, and the most popular website, Outdoor The majority of outdoor carpets are made out of synthetic polypropylenes like the ever popular Olefin material.

Outdoor carpets have 3 major types of constructions which are grass style, loop style and needle punch style. A grass carpet style will have the grassy look, which is very close to the Astroturf look, and they need not necessarily be green, but can range to blue and aqua colors as well. Loop styling and needle punch styling is also available in different colors, and they are completely weather-proof. These are cleaned mainly using brooming methods, hosing and also by scrubbing.

Choosing outdoor carpets for your home is a very careful process, because the choice made should reflect the area it is to be placed in, plus it should be easy to clean and maintain, and should be tough enough to endure the kind of use to which it will be put. A few types of outdoor carpets are: economy grade carpet made of grass which is used for places where there will be less traffic on it; high grade carpets suitable for highly exposed areas; marine backing high grade carpets; plush carpets; Berber looped carpets; etc.

Outdoor carpets can be used on the following types of surfaces – slotted wooden decks, asphalt, plywood surface, swimming pool decks, concrete, ceramic and marble. Installing an outdoor carpet is also a very simple process. One must just ensure that the directions are carefully read and followed. The carpet should be fixed firmly and make sure there is enough extra material of the outdoor carpet left over to trim the edges to fit the space accurately.

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