No one really wants to ask their friends for help cleaning their room. It’s such an ordinary occurrence, yet it’s so easily feared. So, get your allergiker staubsauger, broom, dusters and some baking soda among other tools ready to do the job. Here are some tips for getting your room back into shape.

1) When the Motivation comes, take advantage. If you get the urge to clean at 4am, go with it. Although you’ll be delirious, it’s the best way to start. Forget about work the next day. When you’ve cleaned your room, you’ll have started to clear your mind – tell your boss that.

2) Play music. Dance while you’re cleaning! It’s fun. Put in that Kelly Clarkson or Matisyahu CD. They can clean with you.

3) Start with Categories. Some people prefer sections (start with your desk), or type of cleaning (start with dusting). I prefer categories. Find all the BOOKS and put them into a pile. Find all the clothes. ALL OF THEM. Underwear in the corner. Jacket on the floor. Socks under the desk. Put all dirty clothes into a laundry basket/bag. Find all the PAPER. Put it into a pile. Find all the food, and if it smells bad, throw it away. Find all the pencils and pens, put them into a pile. If you finish all the categories, you will see a big change instantly. That’s why I like this method. You see instant results and feel instantly more organized.

4) Once everything is in it’s proper category, you can decide what you have room for and what you can give away. Do you have a pile of books you’ve read and will never read again? You can sell them on Do you have clothes you’ve forgotten about? Salvation Army. Do you have Magazines from three years ago? Recycle them. Do you have DVD’s you’re not going to watch? EBAY.

5) Now you can move onto the sections. Start with your desk. Throw out needless papers, boxes from Computer Software you don’t need. Move onto the corner where you keep your bag of bags. You know what I’m talking about. Your giant Target bag with bags from every place you’ve ever shopped which you’ve horded because there’s a chance you might need a bag that exact size for some other purpose anywhere in the rest of your life. THROW THE BAG OF BAGS AWAY. Unless they’re gift bags for presents, bags that can fill trash cans, or antique bags with sentimental value, you will never use these bags again. You will feel instantly cleaner when you remove the bags from your room.

6) Now’s the actual cleaning part. Start with Dusting. The reason you dust before vacuuming is that dusting accrues more dust, which can fall on the floor. Vacuuming should be last so you vacuum up all the dust. Make sure you find wood cleaner if you’ve got wood in your room. If you have rags, use them instead of tissue. They won’t leave residue like Kleenex. Lysol wipes are also quick and easy.

Don’t get discouraged, this could take you anywhere from a few hours to an entire day. But it’s worth it for your piece of mind, and for the guests coming into your room. Danny Tanner will be proud. So will your parents, kids, and friends. Good luck!

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