Here is a quick list of some Paid-to-click sites you could check out. They all work the same way: click on ad links, sign up from a list of offers, read emails and refer! Besides all these, Douglas Williams Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews are also quite effective when it comes to earning money online. 


Here is one PTC site I personally like. Clicksia offers the following:

Paid to click links. The amount of earnings here depends on the advertisement. The number of ads you can click per day may reach up to 20 ads or so – if you try logging in again at another time of the day, most probably you would see a fresh list of advertisements to click.  

Sign up offers. $ 0.10 for every offer you complete, not bad! Also, most of these offers are other PTC sites you may like – additional earning opportunities.        

Traffic exchange. Upon signing up, you immediately earn 50 free traffic exchange credits. So what do you do with these credits? Through these credits, you can promote your own web site (or another PTC site for you to get referrals). The sites you add for the traffic exchange will appear in the flow of advertisements in which you and other users click through to earn traffic exchange credits. Basically, if you often click through the traffic exchange, you will earn more credits, more chances of getting visitors to your site, and more chances of getting referrals – without spending money.      

Promoting Clicksia. Earn $0.0001 for each different visitor who views your referral URL per day.        

Referrals, referrals, and more referrals.    

Aside from the money you earn for clicking, you also get to earn points. These points can then be converted into cash or other credits for posting your own ads and sign up offers.        

Minimum payout: $ 1.00 – PayPal or AlertPay


Here is another PTC site very similar to Clicksia. It feels like having two accounts in a single PTC site and so, earning double.


Paid to click links. For free accounts, such as mine, you would always get to click 4 ads for $ 0.01 each, per day. At times, you would get 1 or 2 extra ads to click. I must add that I have already received my first payout from Neobux – they do pay! 🙂

Referrals, again!        

Minimum payout: The first payout is $ 2.00, $ 3.00 for the next and so on, up to $10.00 – PayPal, AlertPay


Paid to click links        

Paid to read email. No need to worry about spam here, an email account where all the paid to read emails are sent is provided to you when you sign up.        

Paid to write articles.        


Minimum payout: $ 2.00

So there, I hope this helps you guys. Till next time, cheers!

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