If you are reading this article, most likely you own a cat, or know someone that does. Indoor cats can be very happy indoors, if they are kept busy. Such as cats in parc central residences by hoi hup,hoi hup tampines ec¬†units. Cats in the wild are kept busy by using their hunting skills to catch food. Since you don’t plan on giving your cats real mice to hunt to keep them busy, you need to find other ways to keep them stimulated. Keeping your indoor cats happy can be as easy as buying them toys that they will enjoy.

One of the best gifts you can buy your feline friend is a cat condo or cat tree. I wanted to buy my cats a cat condo for the longest time, but could not afford one. The last cat condo I saw was on my trip to Pet smart. It was a large three story cat condo with multiple perches. I was tempted to buy it, because I knew how much my cats would enjoy it. I had to decide not to though, because I knew my husband would kill me for spending $300 on a cat condo! So I left Pet smart with my usual goods. I picked up some cat treats priced at $2.00, and thought this would have to do for now.

Why did Pet smart have to charge so much for a cat condo I wondered. If only I was more handy with tools, I could attempt to make one myself. Instead of dreaming, I decided to do a Google search for “cheap cat trees and cat condos”. I clicked on a link that brought me directly to EBay. I was skeptical at first, thinking I wasn’t going to be able to find one for under $200. I came across a listing by a company called Armarkat. The listing was for a nine level cat condo-tree with a hammock. How cute a hammock for cats! When I looked at the price I was shocked and had my husband bid on it right away. My total price for the cat condo-tree was only $75.00 ! That includes my shipping costs as well. I was very excited about my purchase, and money savings and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

One week later my Armarkat condo arrived through UPS. I was very anxious to get it set up so that I could give my cats their new present. I called my husband in to do the job. The instructions were very simple, and on one sheet of paper. I might not need my husband after all, but I’ll keep him just incase. All he used was a drill to set it up, and was finished in 10 minutes! You don’t have to own a drill to put the cat condo together, but it will make the job a lot easier on you.

The cats are now living happily ever after in their new luxurious cat condo. I am very pleased with my bargain on eBay that saved me $225. If you still don’t want to spend $75, you can buy a small cat tree from Wal-Mart for only $30. This will not be as large as the cat condo, but is a great buy for a three level cat tree. Now you can give back to the cat that gives so much to you, without emptying your pockets. Happy bidding!

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