Although I have known for years that the day after Thanksgiving was the beginning of the holiday sales season, I did not learn until recently that it was known as Black Friday. That does not sound very promising to me, so I thought I would check out what this Black Friday was all about.

Personally, I prefer to stay away from the malls any time of the year but especially during the holiday season. For many years, I have watched as the department stores began to open up earlier and earlier each year. Lines often begin forming outside the stores anytime from 2 am onwards. If you shop on Black Friday, then you know very well of the huge discounts most merchants offer their customers on Black Friday.

For those of you who are not familiar with shopping on Black Friday, well it is definitely an experience. The trick to finding those awesome deals is to have a plan.

Show up prepared with your Christmas list and know exactly which department stores your items will be found. You may even want to visit the stores beforehand so that you will know exactly where to find your desired item quickly.

Knowing exactly what you want before you shop will help you to stay focused on the gifts you are purchasing. Try not to waste any time browsing and don’t buy for yourself. Black Friday is about buying gifts for those you love. You will be one step ahead of the crowd if you’re not overwhelmed and trying to compete for certain sales items.

Black Friday is one of the best discount sales days of the year but you may still benefit from the following suggestions:

Look in your local newspaper the week of Black Friday for an overview of sales items.

You can look online for Fanatics Coupon Codes and Promo Codes that will fetch you some of the best deals on your favorite items. Or you can just click on the link here to get the best offers that are similar to the deals that you get in black Friday sale.  

If the store offers any coupons that you may be able to use, be sure to cut them out. (You can find them in newspapers and possibly online)

Google for each store you plan to visit and check out their web page. That way you will know ahead of time which products may be discounted on Black Friday.

Know in advance the store hours. Which times they will open and close. Also, be aware that some stores will only offer sales at a certain time.

Remember to wear your most comfortable shoes and clothing.

Make every effort to pay with cash, you may want to use a waist pouch for safe storage of your cash.

If you must use a credit card, choose only one card and then plan to pay the card off in full as quickly as possible.

* It is a lot more fun to go with a friend than alone and both of you can then shop for family members and friends.

It is true that most people look forward to Black Friday, but there are others (like myself) who avoid it at all costs. That’s okay. Online shopping is becoming more and more an alternative to fighting the crowds during the holidays. Shopping from your own home at your own speed is still an excellent way to shop the sales during the holiday and especially on Black Friday.

Where ever or however you plan to shop on Black Friday be sure to enjoy yourself and don’t forget to stick to your list.

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