Whenever a businessman, investor or builder starts to plan out for a new venture, his first thought is whether it will be successful or not. If yes, then how much revenue will it generate and if not, how grave will be the losses incurred.

Well, he’s not entirely wrong in this regard as these thoughts are bothersome for everyone as all they want is their money’s worth and there can be no greater desire than to get back the money that you have invested into your pet project.

Today, the world is replete with diseases and ailments and even a person who is at the height of fitness falls sick due to some illness or the other. Another problem is that the youth has taken to drugs in a big way.

The most prominent of them is cannabis which has destroyed many families in its quest to preying on as many victims as possible. In order to tackle the problem, there have been many dispensaries set up to treat patients.

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There is no denying that there are many challenges while opening up a dispensary, but given the scenario, more than 95% of them have been found to be a profitable venture.

The annual revenue of an average dispensary ranges from 3 to $5 million because every second person is addicted to marijuana in a big way so the revenue incurred is too huge to be true.

The top 10 best recreational marijuana dispensaries are as follows:

  • The Hunny Pot
  • Canna Cabana
  • Tokyo Smoke
  • OG Prerolls
  • Dupont Weed
  • Nova Cannabis
  • High Edibles
  • MMJ Canada’
  • Lotus Dispensary
  • 1Supreme

These are just a few of them as the world is too big and the patients are too many so there is no dearth of marijuana dispensaries because someone or the other has the misfortune of getting addicted to drugs.

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