When looking for custom optical fibers, you can come across a variety of options, which can be procured from a reliable dealer. Most dealers provide a broad spectrum of options when it comes to custom optical fibers, some of which are as follows:

Custom Notch and band reflecting filters

Included among these filters are multi notch, multi band and mounted beam splitters, with varying refractive indices and diverse thickness. The most common use of these filters is to isolate emission from a fluorescent background. 

Custom Band pass filters

Mostly consist of interference filters, polyester gelatine, dichoric band pass, mounted single piece and unmounted piece. Most of these filters are only available in single pieces. 

Custom long wave pass filters

The filters made in this case could be composed of a thin film or a colored piece of glass and acrylic plastic. These filters are subsequently used to block any short wave bands and instead, transmit them as long wavelengths. They can also be used to eliminate any wavelengths which are no longer required. 

Custom short wave pass filters

These filters are often used for the purpose of removing any unwanted wavelengths and instead, transmit the required one’s in their place. This helps in noise reduction and improvement in signal. They can also be used along with long wave pass filters to enhance their performance. 

Custom neutral density filters

Built with a varying measure of blackness glass and various plastic substrates, they vary across the level of transmission for a number of wavelengths. You can also opt for Edge pass optical filters for this purpose, which might ease your job. 

These are the most common type of custom filters that are available for use in the market today. Custom optical fibers are used for a variety of reasons and varies from one application to another. 

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