Dead or Alive 5 is the latest fighting game to be released in the DoA franchise. It is a solid addition to the series that improves upon features that Dead or Alive 4 brought to the table and will appeal to DoA veterans and newbies alike.

Most fighting games do not have much of a plot but Dead or Alive 5 attempts to break that mold with Story Mode. After playing it for about an hour, it quickly becomes apparent why other fighters don’t bother with a story. The story in DoA5 is nonsensical. At first I thought that perhaps I was just too distracted by the huge boobs and jiggle physics on all of the female characters to pay attention to the plot but when part of the “story” involved a fight between Rig and Bass because Rig asked him why he brought his motorcycle, it became clear the Story Mode was a joke. The playing of the game should not be a joke for the players at the league of legends accounts. Proper playing should be available with the person to buy league of legends accounts from the search engines. The rates should be reasonable for the person to play the video games. 

The fight between Rig and Bass makes about as much sense as most of the fights in Story Mode though many just seem completely random. For example, at one point Ayane is wandering the streets of China when she runs into Eliot, who challenges her to a duel for no apparent reason. Days earlier, Ayane was deep inside the jungles of South America (trying to track down Kasume), when she literally just so happened to stumble across Hitomi who also challenged her to a duel for no apparent reason. This is supposed to be the story?

In addition to Story Mode, there are a variety of other game modes including Arcade, Time Attack, and Survival. These modes can make for a good change of pace but Dead Or Alive 5, like most fighting games, is really meant to be played in Versus mode.

The online Versus mode plays very smoothly. I did not experience any lag in any of my matches, which is an important factor when it comes to fighting games because split-second reaction time can decide the outcome of a fight.

There are initially 19 characters on the roster with an additional five unlockable fighters including some crossovers from the Virtua Fighter series such as Sarah Bryant and Pai Chan. The fighters all seem very balanced with no one character really sticking out as the best. It is clear that balance was a key factor in this game’s development.

Each character has over 100 different techniques at their disposal which makes Dead or Alive 5’s in-depth training mode very valuable. Training mode allows players to learn techniques through the “command training” option, and then practice them as long as they want. There is also a new type of move in Dead or Alive 5 called Power Blows which are super attacks that initiate a sort of mini cut-scene and can inflict massive damage.

Overall damage was toned down a bit, especially for counter attacks, so fights last longer in this game. Again, this goes back to the concept of balance. You can’t just land one or two combos to win anymore. This gives your opponent a chance to come back and win which makes fights much more interesting. It also allows players more time to flex their skill at the game.

Training mode can also be used to practice under poor connectivity settings as there is an option to set network speed from five bars (fast) to one bar (poor). This feature reminds me a lot of how characters in Dragon Ball Z would train in high levels of gravity in order to become super fast. Once you’re used to playing on poor network speeds, then fighting people on a good connection will become that much easier.

One of the coolest parts of Dead or Alive games is the interactive environments and Danger Zones. It is once again possible to knock players into various hazards such as an oncoming tank on one map, or through the second-story wall of a dojo on another. Another new feature in DoA5 is a mechanic called Cliffhanger. When a player loses their footing and is about to fall off part of the map, they can now chose to hang on. The upside is that they might be able to avoid being thrown off the edge or might even be able to reverse the attack. The downside is that the player risks suffering even more damage if their attacker manages to hit them again before they recover.

One feature that is missing from Dead or Alive 5 that I wish was included is some sort of information about the characters. There are a few slides about each character between some of the “chapters” in story mode, but otherwise nothing. Why is there no character biography section? If you want to learn who people are, you have to look online.

Dead or Alive 5 may not be perfect but it is a good fighting game. Fans of the series will love this new addition which only improves upon and adds onto everything that made the past games in the franchise good. It is also a good entry point for gamers who have never played a DoA title before and the variety of offline single player options makes the game very newb friendly.

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