Most of us know collagen as an additive into some of our favourite lotions and creams – the additive that will help in firming up our skin. Many of us don’t realise the true task of collagen and how important it is to the vitality of our skin. Collagen is a natural protein that depletes with age, and many injected collagen fillers are refined bovine proteins.

Collagen and soft keratin are both essential to soft and tight skin. With age comes the degradation of collagen, and the skin tends to loosen, therefore causing wrinkles, and lines. Collagen strengthens blood vessels and a sufficient amount gives the appearance of healthy skin.

Where the wrinkles form in your skin, is the exact place where the collagen has been thinning, this is the reason that local injections are appropriate for treatment.

Many products that you may use daily are collagen-infused – such as creams, the Best collagen eye masks, and lotions labelled with collagen elastin. When your skin loses elasticity it is more prone to wrinkles, and you may be at risk for deep lines. Elasticity and collagen levels go hand in hand; therefore, from the time that you are young it may be beneficial to use a cream, or moisturizer with high levels of collagen-infused into it. It is the collagen in the products that tend to increase and restore the elasticity within the skin.

Collagen is not only important for our skin, but also for our teeth and our bones as well as a filler for lip or facial injections. This immediate shot of collagen into the skin may temporarily plump or fill, lips or lines. Results typically last a few weeks, as collagen levels in the skin are depleted, and presently there is no procedure that restores collagen permanently.

After one receives collagen treatments the skin may be reddened for anywhere from three to seven days, more in fair-skinned individuals, but no bandages are required and you can go back to your normal life directly after. There may be minimal amounts of swelling, but this should reside within hours of the treatment. You are able to apply makeup and creams, eat, and work directly after the treatment with little discomfort. There is very little discomfort with the help of local anaesthesia prior to the procedure.

Collagen treatment seldom results in allergies and is an FDA approved drug that has been used to treat millions of patients over the last twenty years. If you are considering collagen injections you may make an appointment with your local dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and learn more information on the subject!

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