Charlie Sheen has yet again taken the entertainment spotlight from anyone deserving of it. As was reported by Marc Malkin of Eonline, the actor entered rehab January 28, 2011 putting the filming of Two and a Half Men on hiatus. Although in the acting “biz” since the age of eight, he is only notable for his long term drug addiction and drama orientated lifestyle, which Hollywood reporters feed on.

One of his other remarkable contributions are his remarks about 9/11 being a conspiracy by the Bush administration, blaming the former President for the attacks.

And of course his father is Martin Sheen.

Don’t get me wrong, Charlie does have experience, to mention a few from screen: Platoon, Hot shots!, Spin City, and in marriages/relationships: Kelly Preston (shot her in the arm), Ginger Lynn (pornographic actress), Heather Hunter (pornographic actress), Donna Peele, Denise Richards ( she accused him of threatening violence), Brooke Mueller (he was arrested on domestic abuse charges). He really is someone to take home to your father- hard working actor and someone who learns from their mistakes.

It amazes me we give him any attention- but we lauded the likes of Lindsey Lohan, Kim Kardashian, any MTV program, Paris Hilton… ad nauseum, for their gluttonous lifestyle and clear lack of inspiration or talent. Anybody paying him any mind should realize inadvertently they are supporting his drug habit by creating an audience for his dubious behavior.

America seems to like the “good boy gone bad,” as he was the highest paid television actor in 2010, earning $1.8 million per episode for Two and a Half Men. Hollywood should take note and find other addicts and star them in their own sitcoms to garner all media attention, thus raking in massive profit.

Not a bad formula- cast a crack head and hold a cocaine stick over their head like a rat in a hamster wheel and then give them a “treat” every so often until the copious amounts of drugs incapacitate all mechanisms of acting, forcing them into rehab, which is time the show will only attract more attention yet running no cost of production, and return with the actor and all entertainment news outlets watching this sadistic dance like watching a tightrope walker in a circus. Did somebody say money? Drug treatment finder is something that people and the government should invest in to help people especially those who are suffering from drug addiction to seek help and be given support and treatment that they need in order to survive and start a brand new life. 

I am still nonplussed as to why Two and a Half Men is ranked among the top 20 programs since the first show, but I bet it has something to do with why circuses still travel the country for eager audiences, but at least that has some entertainment value.

Interestingly his recent career is plagued with performance of him being himself. Maybe that is all there is left.

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