Car being cars are the basic necessity these days, people want a car for all purposes, going to and fro from home to school/office, going on vacations, visiting someone, taking kids somewhere. Kids are the most precious things to a human or any living creature. He/she will ensure the safety of his/her child in anyways, by any hook and crook. In the car as well, there are many safety measures, but a parent would go an extra step to ensure that the child is safe and sound in the car. And that extra step is known as best booster seat. The booster seat is like a car seat but for a small human or a toddler, which is to be attached over the car seat. The booster seat has extra seat belts and buckles than the normal seat.

Are you going to have a baby soon? Do you want to make your car more kid-friendly? Do you want to make your car safer yourself?


Some tips for you to make it possible

  • As for yourself, make sure you always wear a seatbelt. Even if you are in the back seat, wear the seat belt
  • Make sure your car has airbags, as in case of collision, you and the people in the car could be saved from being heavily injured.
  • As for the kids, make sure you buy a booster (baby) seat as per the size of your baby.
  • If you have an infant, you need to buy a small size booster seat, if you have a toddler, a little bigger than the previous one, and if you have like a preschooler than a big booster seat. After that, the child can sit on the normal car seat as well
  • Make sure you have a proper child’s height to car’s height ratio while purchasing the booster seat.
  • Buckle up before driving off, you too and the child as well

  • The booster seat has many belts like shoulder belts, torso belts, waist belts, etc. to make sure the child is safe even in the case of rash driving or bumpy road, make sure you buckle up the child properly, which is, shoulder belts should be buckled over the shoulder only, don’t buckle it up under the arm

With these tips, you and your child are safe inside the car.

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