For years people have grown accustomed to filling their insulated coffee cups with a fresh cup of java, but what if it was possible to expand a coffee cup’s role as a hot beverage holder? While some of the more obvious ideas can include filling coffee cups or insulated coffee travel mugs with hot chocolate, herbal tea or another type of warm beverage, coffee cups, especially the insulated ones, can also be used to keep cold beverages cool. This means the more once-thought of hot coffee cup has now become a more versatile hot and cold beverage container.

In addition to acting as a drink’s storage, transportation and beverage holder, an insulated coffee mug is also ideal for acting as a lunchtime or snack break holder. In some instances functioning better than Rubbermaid storage containers, insulated coffee mugs with screw-on lids make the perfect soup storage holder. Whether you are having cream of chicken soup or ramen noodles, all soup, depending on its consistency, can be stored in an insulated coffee mug and either be consumed directly from the mug or can be poured in a bowl. Either way, all well-designed, insulated coffee cups will definitely keep your lunch or mid-morning snack warm.

Can’t make up your mind as to what you want at work or on the go? Insulated coffee travel mugs can be used as hot water storage devices. If you are not sure if you are in the mood for soup, instant mashed potatoes, instant coffee or hot tea, a coffee mug travel – ready can be used to store hot water until it is ready. Small items such as flavored bullion, instant soup mixes, powered flavored coffees and teas can be added directly to the hot water, shaken gently and enjoyed. Items of a more substantial size, such as mashed potatoes, thicker soups and re-hydrated vegetables should be mixed in a separate bowl using the mug’s hot water. These insulated coffee mugs are also perfect with the best five cup coffee maker. Surely, you can have the best coffee morning experience with this perfect combination.

If planning on using your insulated coffee mug as a food or water holder, be sure to pack all of your mixes, bowls and utensils with you to guarantee a warm, satisfying meal. Otherwise, what good is having the warm food if there is no way to eat it?

Finally, while it can keep foods warm, insulated coffee mugs with lids are also ideal for keeping cold foods cold. Need to transport a salad but don’t have enough space for lunch-sized, Rubbermaid storage containers? No problem. Use an insulated coffee cup to hold your salad and store the mug on a re-freezable ice pack. Salad dressing can be kept in a separate bottle and kept at your office, hotel or other desired location. Again, remember to pack all utensils needed so you will be able to enjoy your chilled meal.

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