What is branding? It is the symbol that most businesses use, which is intended to identify a goods and services of a certain company. This is not about getting your target market, but this is more on making your consumers see you as the only one who can provide them with their needs.

So how important is Web and graphic design for branding? As a marketer, we know how critical a good design is for the success of the business. Design is an important element that you need to have if you are going to do any campaign. Why? We understand that as a business, your main goal is to catch the heart and mind of your consumer, and design can help you do that. Once that goal is achieved, you can call it as brand recognition. What does it mean? This means that your consumer or audience knows the company well enough for them to recognize it.

What are the advantages that you can have with Web and graphic design?

Advantage #1:

Design Communicates Brand

 Branding is a way for the consumers to rate a product or is how they code a specific offering in their minds. Basically, this is built by exposing them to the product. This can represent the products’ quality or luxury and it can also represent comfort or value. Regardless of how they think about the products, it will always say something about a brand. A design can also be the mirror about your brand. It will tell people about your brand and gives impression to them.

Advantage #2:

Increase Visibility

 This is an obvious advantage of having a good design. If you want to stand out then you need a very good design wherein you can catch the attention of most of the consumers. Knowing the competition inside this industry, it would be hard to do that. But having a design that can stand out among all the others can give you an advantage to increase your visibility.

Advantage #3:

Increase Conversion

 How can design increase your conversion? We know how powerful a single image can be to drive conversion to your page. A design can compel a certain person to do something for you. This is also called call to action. A good design can be a powerful weapon to drive conversion to your website. Just like when you buy Instagram followers – 100% real & active, you will also be able top grow your profile by increasing your conversion. This will help you build credible and reliable brand image. As a result, more traffic will be in your website.

Advantage #4:

Give Message

 Are you familiar with the phrase “picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, design also has the same concept; that is, to give message to your consumer using a design. Every image you use can give an impact or message to the consumer about your product. This can really help to your marketing.

Website Design and Development

 Let us define this one by one. Do you know what a website is? This is the one that you are looking at right now. It is more on the design and how you look at it. The persons who do this are called Web designer. They are more focused on how a website look and how customers will interact with it.

What is Web development? This is the back end of the website. Some consumers and other common Internet surfers won’t bother looking at this. These are the program and language used to create the website. The one who is working with this are called Web developers. They know the language of the website and they know how it works.

To sum it up, a website design is like the appearance of a clock whereas Web development is the inside parts that is used to make it work.

Social Media Profile Designs

 Social media is one of the best tools that are used for marketing today. But this is not only limited to marketing, this can also be a tool to give reputation and serve as an identification in the online world.

But how can your profile help you with your business? Knowing the power of social media, you can use your social media profile as a portfolio and people can depend on this to know how much you know about a certain product or service. Having a good design in your profiles can make a difference.

How? Imagine looking for a company to acquire some services. If you saw that the profile has poor design, would you hire it? I doubt you will. Having a good profile can also help increase your chances on getting potential customers.

Logo Design

 Logo is a very important thing that a business must have. A logo is a symbol or sign that is used by many businesses as identification of their businesses. Just like branding, this is also a way for people to identify your products and services.

People tend to remember their experience on a certain business by its logo. People usually don’t remember the exact name of the company where they bought products or acquired services from but what they remember the most is the logo.

Now that we know how logo helps people to remember a certain company with its service, we can say that a good logo design can also help your business to increase its overall presence around the Web.

Corporate Brand Packaging

 This is the same as branding, which is the consumers’ way to get an idea on how good your product or service is. But its difference with corporate branding is that corporate branding package refers to a company applying its name to its product. Basically, the product name and the company name become the brand name.

By using corporate branding with a marketed product, the business can make its consumer to be more familiarized with its product to create brand loyalty.

An example is when a consumer likes a product from the company because of its quality, then it is more likely he or she will view the product together with the company name as a good and reliable.

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