Bitconnect as an investment program is extremely high risk and although this review may seem on the negative side it has more to do with the reality of this and other similar types of investment. The best time to get in is always going to be the ICO and the best time to get out is within the first few months. The longer this and other similar platforms run the higher the risk of it falling like a house of cards.

I have heard people talking about other similar platforms recently after the demise of BitPetite and how a coin makes them more stable. The reality is it does but not for the long-term. If you take Regal, Bitconnect, or most recently EthConnect the platforms are designed for lock-in periods of the coins which artificially inflate the value of the whole system.

To lend or invest in the systems you need the currency that is tied to the system. So you learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and to buy the coins and invest in the platform. Then as it goes up you reinvest and keep reinvesting. This model is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme relying on people to keep reinvesting to inflate the value of the coin and more importantly keeping everything locked into the system.

As you can see it has pretty much been unaffected relating to the rest of the market on bull runs or market corrections if anything when the market is down people have probably been investing in it.

Because unlike the rest of the markets these investment programs are self-sustainable as long as they are constantly fed with new customers.

Now back to why am I bringing all this up. It’s very simple that “you” need to take responsibility for your investments. As although I can show you the signs in the investments I am never going to tell anyone they should or shouldn’t invest their money. In reality, I have put a small amount of $100 into Bitconnect and withdrawn $37 in a month. If it survives the 3 months I will have recovered my return on investment and a little bit more. If you can’t reinvest because your capital is too low move it from the lending wallet into BCC. The reason for that is BCC is shooting up as the chart shows and can be withdrawn as and when you feel like it. Unlike a loan that is locked in. But these decisions are yours and I know some people complain about people talking about such investments but at the same time, it is just important to identify the risks in these investments and make people aware as it is for people to make their own decisions. Decentralization of “everything” begins with being able to do what you decide and not what you are dictated.

How long do I think BitConnect has to run? They just had a huge conference along with the fact of reducing their multi-tier affiliate program. Spending people’s money is easy to do but the reduction in the affiliate program shows they are clamping down a bit more. Could be that they have enough exposure or it could be the fact they are reducing expenditure.

The other side of this is where does this lending occur? As like many projects in Crypto they are completely invisible which I know some people raise a red flag for that one reason. At the same time if I had found a golden goose would I be sharing it for others to copy? I think sometimes they are genuine and other times you have to sit there and think where can you trade this volume to hit these profit levels regularly?

The choice and decision are yours if you want to invest in this and other platforms that are similar. All I advise is take caution and not to invest anything you can’t afford to lose. I am up by nearly $9,000 this month but I have also lost $1,600 on high-risk, high yield investments. It won’t put me off investing but a bit like this article if you learned anything new this is part of it doing your research to reduce your risks.

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