Many people love to play puzzle games such as Word Cookies, Scrabble and Memory Games. That’s despite of its simplicity, unlike many other advance RPG or action games. Thing is, there are big factors which lure people to play puzzle games today. Here you may find all the Word Cookies Answers and some cheats of other common puzzle gamesthen see what makes them so exciting to play. 

Those answers certainly look not so easy at all! And there are other factors which makes people attracted to such games. 

What Factors Make People Play Simple Puzzle Games 

  1. Puzzle games have simple rules and mechanics. They don’t have complicated gameplay which may scare-off many people. As a result, anyone easily get the hang of playing them after one or a couple of tries. That’s actually the first big factor which makes people unconsciously hooked to a simple puzzle game. 
  2. These simple games pose really big challenges. Yes, you often need to deal with questions, scenarios or some other mind-boggling problems one after another. They don’t look exciting, but ticking time bombs and online scoreboards among other features certainly pump the adrenalin in any player. And those features are often added on challenging puzzles which are seemingly impossible to solve! 
  3. How could a simple puzzle game possibly beat you up? That’s what many people think when they seemingly can’t win in a puzzle game, especially when playing against a bot. It’s a bitter pill to swallow; hence, they try some more to finally beat the game. By then, they’re officially hooked! 
  4. There are many types and variations of puzzle games available online today. You can either choose some with downloadable apps, or those which you need to play on the browser. Whatever your needs and preferences are, there’s a game perfect for you. In other words, people often stumble on puzzle games they can’t easily resist. 

These are only few of the biggest factors why people are attracted to play puzzle games today. Find the best one for you to try now! 

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