It is not only the sun whose heat is felt during the summer season, it is the romance between couples too. A romantic getaway must have a remarkable dining experience with a stunning natural view that can freeze the moment and make the couples cherish the memory later in their lifetime. The following are some of the romantic summer getaways that many couples from all over the world visit.

Rovinj has terracotta rooftops, winding cobblestoned streets, church steeples that are set up on the peninsula that leads the city to the famous Adriatic Sea. Couples can shop for truffles, wild asparagus and get on the boat to taste some sea food together. One can even take a short trip to Golden Cape Forest that is located near Rovinj. Dining at the hill top shall turn up the romance between any couple.

The Andes mountain range remains snow-capped all throughout the year and it can be witnessed from the hotel room itself. The wine trail in this place has the Malbec wine, which is said to be the region’s praiseworthy one. Dining around Mendoza with some delicious wine shall kindle up the romantic session between a couple.

In Helsinki, the sun heads up even during the night time. The whole place remains warm during the summer season and one can tour around Helsinki to witness some gorgeous islands. Thousands of the country’s best chefs gather here to prepare the traditional Finnish style of donuts and Thai curries. One can taste these at any restaurant with a natural backdrop lying in front of them.

Jamaica is a laid back island that has become the most visited destination of the Carribean region in recent years. This is because of the intoxicating music, sunsets and affordable accommodation that makes everyone take their loved ones to Jamaica and stay romantic like never before. Negril has the finest and most fun loving resorts that are located on the northwest coast area. The roof villas in these resorts offer a stunning view to Pristine Cove. With the best rental car services, the selection of the right company should be there. The services will meet with the requirements of the people. A visit can be made at to know about the prices and services available with the company. The decision is taken with intelligence and skills. 

The charming architecture and the romantic dining experience made Riga one among the alternative romantic getaway places among the other European hot spots. One can start their tour by visiting the Opera House, and then head towards the Streinieku streets to witness the real architectural brilliance of the city. The couples can go for shopping around the streets and purchase fine jewelry, chic shoes, pretty frocks and much more at an affordable price. One must experience the food at the city’s most honored restaurants named Vincents. Organic products are used for cooking purposes, resulting in a good taste.

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