With movies like Rounders and Smoking Aces, poker has made a comeback in the United States. Texas Hold’em tournaments have moved from ESPN to living rooms and bars across the country. If you know a die-hard poker fan, aspiring professional poker player, or just a weekend gambler, here are some gift ideas to make their game more fun and maybe bring them a little luck. Best poker gifts are available at xe88. Poker is quite popular these days and these gifts will surely be appreciated by poker lovers.

Card protectors

For the avid poker tournament player, nothing is more of status symbol than a really cool card protector. These can be anything, but usually look like large, heavy poker chips. They are officially used to lay on top of the player’s cards so the dealer doesn’t accidentally think they are cast offs and take the hand. Unless you are sitting next to the dealer, they don’t aren’t really necessary. They make awesome sentimental gifts, because many players still use them as good luck charms or just to add a little bling to the table.

There are a variety of styles and symbols available online at companies like Pokerguard.com. Some will let you submit your own graphics for a truly personalized poker card protector gift. Or consider having your poker player’s initials or a special message engraved on the silver pieces for a signature gift.

Customized Poker Chips

If you want to give a gift beyond just a good luck charm, have a whole set of poker chips customized. Decide whether you want clay or plastic. Remember, clay is usually the preferred chip for tournaments. It is considered the most professional, is heavier, has a better feel and has the highest coolness factor for poker nerds. If you’re not sure about the material or can’t decide between several base designs, order a sample pack. Many companies offer a sample pack with one of each of their most popular chips so you can feel and see them before ordering.

You could design your gift set with initials, names, nicknames or just a symbol your player finds lucky. If your favorite poker player has a weekly home game, have a gift set designed with his or her own “casino” name, for example: JBird’s Casino, or Brantley Basement Tournament. Be creative and you’ll find a design for your gift that will really mean something to the players.

As a cheaper gift alternative, homepokertourney.com offers custom poker chip labels. Purchase your chips wherever you find the best deal, and then place your customized labels over the existing artwork for a less expensive, but still personal gift.

As another option, consider ordering poker chips from your player’s favorite Vegas casino. These are available new or used and will have the authentic designs and logos from The Sands, The Mirage, or whichever casino your player frequents (or would like to frequent.)

Poker Tables

A nice, quality poker table can really set the mood for a game or tournament, and makes a great gift for any poker fan. Consider your space restrictions. A full-size table may not be a good bet for an apartment, especially since these can’t pull double duty as dining or end tables. However, if you have the space, a full-size table like the ones used on FOX Sports Net or in your player’s favorite casino will be a fun addition to a gaming room.

If space is limited, poker tabletops are available for almost any size table, round and oval. You can also find them for blackjack and other card games to get a full gaming set.

Nevadajacks.net offers a twist on this concept with poker table plans. The DVD and included plans walk you through everything you need to know to design and build your own poker table for a truly customized gift.

Personalized Playing Cards

Just like poker chips, poker playing cards can be customized for your favorite player. One design will go on the backs of all the cards, so you can either design a logo or use a photo. Add a funny picture for a gag gift, or use a photo of your husband and son for a nice office gift. Thehouseofcards.com offers a full set of gift cards with a photo backing in a matching tin for only $24.95. Consider personalized poker cards for wedding or party favors, birthday gifts, or graduation gifts. For the more serious poker player, you can design a logo to match the customized poker chips you’ve already ordered.


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