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My hair is thick, frizzy, and wavy to a fault. Sometimes I like basking in the glory of a full on head of waves, while other times it’s so frustrating I’m seconds away from getting a buzz cut. Since I wear my hair wavy and use a straightener about 50/50, I’m definitely not ready to take the plunge toward full-on chemical straightening. When I heard that there was a bridge between chemical straightening and lengthy, time-consuming heat straighteners I was thrilled, but cautious. It’s hard enough choosing a keratin treatment from a salon professional, let alone an at-home keratin treatment. With this in mind, I started to dig a little deeper into the world of keratin treatments that were cheaper than the professionals but still safe and effective. The moroccan keratin hair treatment is the best treatment for the hairs of the people. Women and men will offer the correct results in the treatment of the hairs. The treatments are the cheaper one to deliver the best results. The results are safe and secure for the people.

At-home Keratin Treatment: Product Survey

The first product I came across was a keratin kit; with the advent of the professional blowout, these kits seem to offer a comprehensive ‘package’ that regular treatments don’t. Keratin kits typically contain two to three products: a special shampoo for pre-cleansing, and the actual keratin to saturate your hair with. Some also have a conditioner. Others, such as the 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System Essentials Collection by KeratinPerfect, contain far more products: a prepping shampoo, a smoothing treatment (keratin), a post-treatment shampoo, a conditioner and replenishing spray. It’s also formaldehyde-free, which was important to me when I was searching for products. However, after reading some mixed reviews, I opted to pass at this point.

While I looked for the perfect keratin home treatment, I used some more temporary, inexpensive treatments to see what they’d actually do. First up was the Instant Glossing Cream To Go by Oscar Blandi. It purports to deliver “weightless shine” to all hair types while suppressing rogue frizz and flyaways. At $11, I didn’t expect miracles, but it was something to try while I waited to find something a little more permanent. Even better, it didn’t contain parabens, sulfates, DEA, or other synthetic nasties. A lightweight cream applied to dry hair, this is literally something you can carry in your purse and use ‘on-the-go.’ On a windy day, it was a lifesaver that wasn’t greasy or heavy on my hair.

John Frieda’s Frizz Ease 3-Day Straightening Spray was longer lasting and had better (read: straighter) results. It works relatively simply. Just spray through your hair after a shower, or while it’s damp, and start with 10-15 sprays as per the instructions. Comb it through your hair so that each strand is coated, blow dry and then flat iron your hair in small sections. This step is important even for the more heavy-duty keratin treatments. You want to make sure you’ve locked in the moisture as thoroughly as possible, just as a stylist would do. Expect it to be a little time consuming—your arm will definitely hurt!

My At-Home Keratin Treatment Hair Straightener

I finally decided on Living Proof’s ‘Straight’ spray. Packaged in an attractive, periwinkle bottle with a stylish font, I have to admit I was sold on looks alone. But after reading fairly positive reviews online and in a few style magazines, I made up my mind to try it. Living Proof doesn’t use silicones or other chemicals, so I didn’t have to worry about that. The brand insists that their patented molecules block out humidity and disarm dirt while relaxing your cowlicks, creases, waves and frizz. I sprayed it on my hair and combed it through, before blow-drying and styling as usual—for me, that usually means straightening too, but after blow-drying, I saw that my hair was almost as straight as it would have been anyway.

This took out a huge chunk of the time I usually devote to my hair routine, which I will definitely never complain about. I’m guessing that if you did follow up with a straightener it would be just as straight as professionally styled hair. What I will say is that, like many home straightening treatments, it had a fairly strong smell, so I’d advise anyone thinking of using this (and other keratin products) in a well-ventilated room. And do it near an open window. The smell isn’t bad per se, but it is strong. My hair stayed frizz-free throughout the day, with no ponytail crease or awkward waves.

Whatever at-home keratin treatment you use, make sure to do some research. I didn’t plunge hastily into sprays or creams mainly because I wanted to figure out what worked before using them, but also because, while not as pricey as the pros, these products are still pretty expensive. My Living Proof Straight Spray was $29; mid-range in a market that is flooded with treatments that are between $65 and $100. Always make sure to read reviews, articles, and other information before putting anything on your head. If you’re looking for keratin treatments, you obviously care a great deal about your hair’s health and appearance—don’t treat the choice lightly! It’s definitely possible to do a keratin treatment at home without breaking the bank, but you have to do a little studying first.

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