With outdoor kitchens becoming the hottest trend in outdoor living many consumers are starting to look at ways construction recruitment can incorporate one into their backyard oasis. Once considered a  luxury item, outdoor kitchens are becoming more affordable as demand increases. Let’s take a look at the different ways to make these projects affordable and within your budget.

For budget conscious consumers keeping your design small doesn’t necessarily have to be done in order to trim the dollars. According to Eastern Outdoor Furnishings, the material used to construct the outdoor kitchen is going to play a large role in the overall cost of the project. Today’s outdoor kitchens are generally constructed out of masonry block or 20 gauge galvanized tracks. Masonry block can be more costly and require a longer installation time, which can add to the overall cost of the project. On the other hand, constructing your frame out of 20 gauge galvanized tracks can save you time and lower costs. Using the tracks allow the grill and components to slide into a secure fit rather than having to cut individual masonry blocks. The tracks are then wrapped with cement board, ready for the finishing materials.

One of the biggest challenges when keeping within a budget can become the choice of grills and components. Over the last several years there are many fully stainless steel grills coming to market at much more affordable prices. Eastern Outdoor Furnishings also states that the main difference in all 304 grade stainless steel grills is the burner type. Typical burners are stainless tubular, cast stainless and cast red brass. To keep costs down a good 304 stainless steel grill with stainless tubular burners is a solid choice. When it comes to choosing components such as doors and drawers, most lines of grills have components to go with the outdoor kitchen. Stick with 304 grade stainless steel for the components as well and remember that brand name doesn’t always mean a better product. Just as with the grills, there are many new brands of stainless components coming to market at very affordable prices.

Once you decide on the materials for the frame and firm up your grill and component choices it’s time to take a look at finishes for your top and sides. Typical choices for the side finish include natural stone veneer, cultured stone veneer and stucco. Stucco will be your most cost effective finish and with many colors and textures to choose from, you are sure to create a beautiful look. Stone veneer finishes are breathtaking but can definitely put a strain on the budget. A great way to save money and embody the elegance of a stone veneer would be to incorporate the element of stucco into the finish. Choose your stone veneer for the most visible part of the outdoor kitchen, usually the front and the sides. Use a neutral stucco finish for the non-visible parts, usually the back and possibly a side or two. This combination will give your outdoor kitchen a timeless look and help to bring your project in on budget.

When deciding what top to finish your outdoor kitchen with look at popular choices like granite, travertine, blue stone and tile. Granite is the premier choice and if it fits within the budget, adds a look like no other. Travertine and tile are great choices to keep within a budget and add an element to the design that complements an array of stone veneer and stucco finishes. Just make sure to choose a top that is best suited for the area you live in. Granite does well in areas with harsh winters and tile is best used in places with warmer climates year round.

As outdoor kitchens continue to make their way into America’s backyards, consumers will continue to bring functionality, elegance and affordability into their designs. As the trend continues to grow you can be assured there will always be an outdoor kitchen for any budget.

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