One of the worst nightmares for any attorney, disbarment refers to removal of an attorney from bar association. In other words, if a lawyer faces disbarment, his law license would be revoked and he won’t be able to take up the legal practice professionally any more. Disbarment is usually sentenced when a lawyer moral turpitude in his behaviour. Lying to clients, lying to jury, violation of contracts, mishandling of cases, are some of the acts that can land a lawyer into disbarment. It’s to note here that disbarment is the last resort taken against a lawyer. Before sentencing disbarment, the Court will usually offer a fair share of warnings to the attorney to correct his behaviour. If he still doesn’t correct himself, nobody can save him from disbarment.

Possible outlets

So, does disbarment means complete doom of legal career for attorneys in harrisburg pa or in any other place for that matter? Well, based on the discussion above, things would be really difficult if you get disbarred by the court. However, there are two major ways to retain your legal career even after getting disbarred.

Practice in another State

Do you have the legal license for operating in another State, other than the State from where you have been disbarred? Well, disbarment in one State won’t lead to a similar course of action in another State for the same lawyer. So, if you have professional license for another State, you can safely move your practice to that State and resume your legal career there.

Ask For Hearing

Do you think you have been trapped? Do you think you have been strategically provoked  to commit an action that may lead to your disbarment? In that case, do ask for hearing. Get the evidences handy and try to convince judges about your innocence. If you can prove yourself to be not guilty, the disbarment would be revoked.

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