Karting and motorcycle riding may be different in a lot of ways. But not for Allan Uy, a karting coach, who feels that both karting and motorcycle riding give him the adrenaline rush and a sense of freedom.

Allan Uy’s name may ring a bell as he is a local household name in the world of karting. He’s a kart racer and he used to coach karting bigwigs such as Matteo Guldicelli and Michelle Bumgarner. Aside from his love and dedication to karting, Allan has developed a passion for collecting and riding motorcycles. He also used to join races during the late’90s using his Honda Dio. Allan admits that he has been a long-time Honda aficionado. The number of Honda motorcycles and cars that his family has shown that he truly is.

If most bike collectors and riders got the influence from their family, Allan was hooked on collecting two-wheeled vehicles through his friends. In fact, his mother was against his interest in motorcycles before. But then, this motorcycle enthusiast pushed through his interest in motorcycles using his own money in buying and customizing bikes. “It started through a friend who has a scooter and from there; we started buying magazines and accessories. And then we ordered the Honda Joker from Japan: Allan shared while showing us his bikes. His first bike multiplied with other models and brands such as Honda Dio, Super 4, Hornet, Firebird, Monkey, and Silver- wing. In 10 years, Allan has collected motorcycles, proving that Honda bikes never failed his tastes in motorcycles.

Like what every rider does, he personalizes and customizes his bikes-even if it costs him a lot of money. He is most proud of his Honda Joker, a three-colored hologram bike, which he put up for competition in a tradeshow. His Honda Joker is truly a standout, and it was no wonder it got the first prize. Whenever Allan brings his Honda Joker for a ride around the city, it always gets stares and interest from a lot of people. And who wouldn’t? His Honda Joker gives both vintage and sporty look. “When you stop in the parking lot, many people will ask about the bike. Everywhere, once you stop, once they got a chance to talk to you, they’ll ask about the bike and where to buy,” he said.

Allan has various bikes, which truly represent his personality and suit his needs as an urbanite and sports enthusiast. Whether it’s for a city ride or a road trip up north, Allan’s bikes are more than just a collection. Here’s what Allan has to share about his prized possessions.

What bike best suits your personality?

I would probably say it would be the Hornet 600. It has good handling, very nimble. As a kart racer, I think it is the closest due to the fact that one changes the suspension, springs, and mag wheels. And it has a lot of accessories. Honda Hornet truly stands out.

Where’s the farthest place you have gone using your bike?

With the Silverwing, maybe California. But most of the time, I used to bring it to Punta Fuego, Tall beach. The Joker is for city driving only.

What are the advantages of motorcycle riding?

No traffic, you can park anywhere and cheap gas. You have unparalleled freedom when you’re using a motorcycle. It’s like you can do whatever you want.

What special stories do you have for each bike?

Monkey: It started as our pit bike. We always go to California before driving the car around the race track. We always bring that as our pit bike.

Silverwing: When we go shopping or badminton, I bring it with me. Because it can store my shoes and badminton racket. It can even fit two full-face Roeg motorcycle helmets, a jacket, and a shopping bag. It’s very convenient. So if I’m going to the mall, especially when it’s traffic, I always bring it. My girlfriend used to hate motorcycles before. But when she rode the Silverwing, she said, I can sell other bikes except for the Silverwing. That’s what she loves the most among all the bikes.

Joker: Since the day we got the Joker, we were so into it. We put a lot of effort into customizing it. There were only three owners in the country when we first acquired it.

How do you maintain your bikes? If its Honda, I never had a problem. I just need to take care of its gas. With the Silverwing, even though I haven’t used it for a long time, it’s ready to go with just one click.

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