In an era of pollution, one thing to important and crucial to take care of, and that is to take care of the environment daily. Nature will treat us how humans are. So in this article, garbage collection or eramaja progivedu as in Korean will be discussed. There are many companies in which people will get the structure of behaving with natural elements. The companies will provide a container for renting. The constructive detritus and dirty household items should be kept there. Otherwise, the wood, concrete, other stones should be jumbled up in this container. 

The transport of garbage collection

In the case of transportation, the most important thing is to take care of the garbage and its maintenance. The companies have a large collection of containers. The transportation of garbage will take 2days of combine systems to maintain the delivery and removal forward techniques. The thing which should be on the priority list first will be disposable garbage. Without hurting nature and without making any pollution, the garbage should be in a disposable container. 

In the case of science, garbage collection 

This always should be maintained to look after the operations if garbage cleaning. Without the haphazard situation, the garbage will be cleaned as much as possible. Any stored garbage can cause air pollution, so it should be taken care of all the time. Proper waste and proper management of garbage should be on the count all the time by the companies and their instructors. Advanced and updated machines and the vacuumed machine will lead the garbage cleaning process as much as possible. The company and the civilized people always try to make it possible by delivering rubbish material to landfill safely. The kinds of stuff are overprotective about their work and about the environment too. Every human being should think like this and treat the environment like their mother. 

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