Famed horror director Wes Craven decided to take a half-step out of his usual realm and create a movie in the suspense thriller genre for m4ufree that will be telecasted online under a special license which is only available for the newly released movies. Last week, Red Eye opened in theaters across the nation. Should you spend $10 to go see it now? Or can you wait for it to come on cable? Read on to find out.

The film opens with actress Rachel McAdams ( Wedding Crashers, Mean Girls ), playing confident and collected hotel manager Lisa Reisert trying to catch the late night flight to Miami from Texas. The busy worker had flown away from her busy job to attend the funeral of her grandmother.

Once in the airport, she finds that her flight has been delayed thanks to inclement weather. It’s there, waiting in the airport, that she meets lead actor Cillian Murphy ( Batman Begins, Cold Mountain ) who plays Jackson, the young and charming man who buys her a drink in the downtime.

The story soon picks up after the flight finally boards and Lisa discovers her seat is right beside Jackson. Once the plane is in the sky, Jackson reveals his true intentions during the best dialogue of the movie. While never revealing any organization, Jackson is apparently part of a terrorist organization looking to kill the Deputy of Homeland Security.

You see, the Washington big-wig is a regular at Reisert’s Miami hotel and always stays in the same room. Jackson orders her to place a phone call to whomever it takes to change reservations and move the Deputy to a better location for would-be assassins.

Lisa obviously is scared and confused but soon learns that she has no other choice. As leverage, Jackson informs her that if she does not complete her order, that her father would be killed by an assassin in his Miami home. Lisa’s parents are divorced and we only see her father in the film.

The film revolves around Lisa trying to wiggle her way out of doing what she knows will lead to someone’s death. However, nobody else on the plane apparently overheard the constant bickering, crying or emotion between Lisa and Jackson.

Eventually, the plane lands and the film takes on a different feel to it. It goes from being a suspenseful thriller to more of an action movie while Lisa is chased through Miami. It’s here that Craven must’ve seen a “hot Summer movie” in the works but it doesn’t come off like it.

Overall, the movie is short and by the time it’s all over, you’re left with a sense of wasted time. The plot is a good one and the acting is very good from these two young Hollywood actors. Many are pegging Rachel McAdams as the next great young actress. There are some questions that are left unanswered.

For example, the relationship between Lisa Reisert and the Deputy of Homeland Security is glazed over as a frequent hotel consumer. It seems that there is something more as the man shows trust in her by not arguing with his change of rooms. Another oddity is the role of Secret Service, who flank the Deputy.

Would the best security team in the world simply shrug off a room change just as they arrive at the location? They do search the room heavily but you’d think that such a sudden change would warrant heavy rescheduling.

Finally, Lisa has kept a secret that has haunted her. She reveals it in the end of the movie and uses it as a source of inspiration in her fight against these terrorists. I don’t know much about terrorists or anything of the like, but if a single woman gives them trouble, shouldn’t they lose the title of terrorists.

Red Eye is another in the line of predictable movies that give the hero way too much power. There are points to the film that are done well but not enough in such a short film that would make it a must-see. If you’re a fan of Wes Craven, you should see this film at some point but use your own discretion as far as spending the hefty price at a theater near you.

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