Constant changes to their privacy policy and a progressive push to make its users’ information more and more public have created controversy for Facebook more than once. People concerned for their safety and their privacy worry how to manage their account to protect themselves. Some users have gone so far as to delete their Facebook profiles altogether. Unfortunately, Facebook’s privacy settings can be hard to find or confusing. However, by following these five tips, you can rest assured that your privacy is protected.

#1. Create Lists and Photo Albums

Lists are a relatively unknown feature on Facebook. They allow you to create lists of people grouped under a common heading. For instance, you could make lists for Friends, Family and Work. Then you can set your privacy controls so that your friends don’t see you looking like a corporate drone at your company’s annual convention, your Grandma doesn’t see the you getting wrecked at a party and your work friends don’t see Christmas pictures of you wearing that sweater that Grandma knitted you.

Create a list by clicking on Friends on your home page. There will be an option at the top of the page to “Create a List.” You can also access this feature by choosing Edit Friends in the Account drop down menu. Then click on Friends under the Lists menu on the side navigation bar. +Create a List will be an option at the top of the page. Decide what your list will be, name it and choose people to be in it.

Creating photo albums makes privacy settings easier. Instead of having all your pictures upload to one giant album, group photos by who you want seeing them. This way, you can let Grandma and potential employers see pictures of your college graduation but keep them from seeing the party afterwards.

From your Profile page, click on Photos and then +Create a Photo Album. You can move pictures that are already loaded into a new photo album, so there’s no need to reload or delete photos. Title the albums so that you know what are in them for to make setting privacy controls for each album easier.

#2. Customize Privacy Settings

This is the most important thing you can do to preserve your desired level of privacy on Facebook. Go into your Account drop down menu and choose Privacy Settings. This is where your lists and photo albums will come in very handy. Without custom lists, your options will be Everyone, Friends of Friends or Friends only. These allow you a measure of privacy but custom lists are the only way to truly assure that certain people don’t see what you don’t want them to see.

#3. Opt Out of Instant Personalization Pilot Program

Creating quite a controversy, Facebook announced in April of 2010 that certain websites will be able to pull information from your Facebook account to learn what you like and customize their landing pages for you personally based on your preferences. If this gives you Big Brother chills like a lot of other people, make sure to opt out of this option in your Privacy Settings under Applications and Websites. Click on Edit Setting for Instant Personalization Pilot Program and uncheck the box at the bottom of the page that allows Facebook to share this information.

#4. Control what Your Friends Share about You

Your friends can inadvertently share information about you through applications. These applications will pull public information about you from your buddy’s Friends list. Fortunately, this can be controlled by going into your Privacy Settings and then clicking Applications and Websites and then choosing Edit Settings for What your friends can share about you. For full privacy, uncheck all the boxes. Otherwise, pick and choose what you are comfortable with a third-party knowing.

#5. Remove Yourself from Search Results

Unless you change these settings you cannot get the access to the offerings that provides the schemes over the thousands of 50+ active Torguard Coupon for the computer and laptops which are awesome, anyone who searches for your name will find your profile not only on Facebook but also on search engines like Google. Go into Privacy Settings and then select Search. In here you can uncheck the option to allow your profile to appear in search engine results. You can then select Edit Settings for Facebook Search Results to choose who is allowed to find you in Facebook searches. This is another handy use for those lists you created earlier!

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